From a young age, teaching was all I ever wanted to do and so that’s where it all began - in the classroom. After fourteen years of primary school teaching and leadership, I left to set up Oodles of Craft, so that I could share my love of making and creating.


It was an extraordinary time for us all for various different reasons. Initially, I struggled with homeschooling two children with a one-year-old wrecking ball under the dining room table! However, as time progressed, I started to teach children to sew online. The groups I had would ‘join’ me every week for the next steps and created some fantastic projects. I loved seeing their skills progress, their confidence soar and the pride in their work ooze out of them! The feedback from parents was heartwarming and a new norm began.


Each week is a flurry of cutting fabric for my sewing classes and parties, creating patterns and filming their construction process, editing videos, teaching, freelancing for Cricut UK, writing blog posts, doing all things social media AND juggling the dream! All this while trying to maintain an adequate level of parenting to my three creative souls. It’s not always plain-sailing and certain tasks fall by the wayside (yes, blogging - I’m talking about you!), but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

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